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Kavra is a way of living, of feeling, of loving, of fighting. It’s a brand that came to life from the love felt for this paradise called Formentera. Kavra is intimately linked to the island, and is engaged in its day to day pursuits, collaborating in projects that defend the principles that are of substance to us.

One such project includes the central theme in one of our most famous collections featuring marvelous prints in turquoise hues, under the motto “Save the Posidonia”, which is based on the campaign to preserve the sea-grass fields off the shores of Formentera.

“The designs of KAVRA come from my own true feelings. I aspire to establishing a relationship with the public beyond that of fashion.”

Ivonne Ruiz, designer

Art is one of our great inspirations. It is reflected on our fabrics and in our prints, leading you back in time to the Rennaisance, to Oriental Art, or to the PreRaphaelists in the 19th Century.

Natural pigments, silky textures and ethereal swirls envelop every piece of clothing in our collections. All are unique, singular and 100% hand-crafted. Color, delicacy and sensitivity caressing your skin.

Creativity without bounds